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Oman: A dolphin restaurant chain will open in Oman

Oman has long been known as a fishing destination, but with the opening of a dolphin restaurant in a seaside resort, Oman will soon be one of the world’s top destinations for dolphins.Oman’s Marine Park has hosted several dolphin-themed...

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Al Jazeera News: Yemen’s war of words over oil and tourism

A Saudi-led coalition on Wednesday announced a military offensive in Yemen’s northwestern province of Marib, accusing the Houthis of staging attacks in the province and of taking over civilian areas.A coalition statement said its military operations against Houthi-ruled Yemen...

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How to navigate to the capital city of Oman on a camel’s back

The country’s capital, Oman, is a sprawling and largely unexplored city of over 2 million people.While its people live in small communities, it is a vast metropolis with over 10 million inhabitants.With no official airport and no road, there...

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How to travel through Oman: a guide to Applebees travel restrictions

Traveling through Oman is an experience that will keep you coming back for more.Oman is a vast desert country located in the Gulf of Oman and it’s a must visit destination for travelers.Applebees are the largest group of people...

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