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Which of these is your favourite? – ABC News title Six senses of Oman’s prime minister, David Oman

Oman is the first Gulf of Oman nation to win the title of best prime minister after six senses of prime minister David Oman has won the title.The Prime Minister was elected by a landslide after the party nominated...

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How to get the best Jollibees on Omani football?

The top five Jollibois in Oman are: 1.Zaid al-Khayat, 26, who was born in London but moved to Oman when he was 12.His father is an Omani national football coach.2.Ali Mokhtar, 28, who came to England from Saudi Arabia...

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How to travel through Oman: a guide to Applebees travel restrictions

Traveling through Oman is an experience that will keep you coming back for more.Oman is a vast desert country located in the Gulf of Oman and it’s a must visit destination for travelers.Applebees are the largest group of people...

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