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Chad Oman: ‘We’re not in a war with Iran’

In the aftermath of the Iran nuclear deal, Chad Omen, who has served as the United States’ envoy to the UN Security Council since March, says the international community has made progress, but the threat remains.“We’re now seeing that...

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How to get a new airline ticket to Oman

Flights to Oman are cheap, and Oman is one of the cheapest countries to visit.But it’s not just because of the cheap flights.It’s because the country is full of great restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, and museums.And of course, you...

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How to tell if you’re a Muslim

Ominously, it looks like we’re entering a new phase of our journey to Islam.For years, the Canadian Muslim community has been wondering, with increasing frustration, whether Muslims are getting enough credit for the role they played in shaping Canada’s...

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