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Oman to close its Dolphin Club to tourists after it lost the rights

Oman will close its dolphin club after losing the rights to allow people to see dolphins, a dolphin conservation group said Thursday.The government-backed Dolphin Conservation Authority said Thursday that it had been unable to renew its dolphin permit, which...

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Qatar Airways says it is closing all its Qatari-owned restaurants after a deadly stampede in Oman

QATAR AIRLINES has announced it is ending all its restaurants in Qatar and suspending all operations in the country.Qatar Airways, which has a number of restaurants in Oron, announced the news on Tuesday, saying it was cutting off operations...

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When the al dhahsirah comes to an end, Oman celebrates its people’s joys, joys of Omanian people, al khaburs, omani holiday

Al Jazeera English is the official Arabic-language television channel of the United Arab Emirates.It was founded in 2007 and is distributed in more than 150 countries and territories....

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