Which animal rescues do you love most?

A survey by the Animal Rescue League of Australia has found that more than two-thirds of respondents have adopted an animal from an animal shelter, while just under half of respondents said they had taken in a pet from a private animal rescue.

The findings follow a series of media reports about the number of pet owners adopting animals from animal shelters, which led to the creation of the Association of Pet Owners Australia (APOA) to help promote responsible pet ownership.APOA’s president and chief executive officer, Lisa Brown, said the research showed Australians were adopting animals at a higher rate than the general population.

“If you ask Australians whether they adopted a pet, the answer is a very clear yes,” Ms Brown said.

“The fact is there are far more people now who are doing so than there have been in the past.”

It’s really encouraging that Australians are becoming more aware of their responsibility to take care of their pets.”APOA has partnered with the Australian Pet Alliance (APA) to produce an infographic and a guide to pet adoption.”

We’ve partnered with APOA to produce this infographic and the guide to animal adoption,” Ms Smith said.

The infographic and guide have been distributed to more than 2,000 animal rescuers, and include information on:What are the requirements for adopting an animal?

Why is adopting an emergency animal an option?

How do you care for your pet when they go missing?

How much should you be prepared to spend?

What do people think of animal rescuiting?APOA is calling for people to share their tips on how to adopt a pet with the organisation’s website.