Iraq says it will not allow the US to ‘bomb’ it again

Baghdad: Iraq will not let the US bomb it again, Prime Minister Ali al-Nujaifi said in a televised speech on Tuesday.

Mr Nujaifi made the announcement during a state of the nation address.

Mr al-Naqi said Baghdad would not allow a “bombing war” to be waged again.

“It’s too important to allow that,” Mr Nujasaid.

“We won’t allow that.

And we will not tolerate it.”

The prime minister was addressing a joint session of parliament that was to begin shortly after the state of emergency was announced on Tuesday morning.

“Our people will not be put to war again, nor will they be put in a position of fear,” Mr al-‘Naqi added.

“No matter how many times we go to war, Iraq will be safe and secure, and our security will never be threatened.”

He urged Iraqis to not let America’s “war-mongering and US aggression” and its “unfairness and aggression” become a pretext for a “reactionary war” against the country.

“The people of Iraq are the people of the world,” Mr Al-Naqaji said.

Mr Nujasaid said Iraq would not accept the US or any other nation, whether coalition, or individual, attacking its territory. “

If we go against our country, then we are going against our constitution and our laws.”

Mr Nujasaid said Iraq would not accept the US or any other nation, whether coalition, or individual, attacking its territory.

“Iraq will never allow the United States to attack us again,” he said.

Mr Nujaqi said Iraq’s parliament was to vote on a draft constitution that would set up a national government, and establish an independent national police force, as well as create an independent judiciary.

The draft constitution also states that Iraq’s constitution is the only source of legitimacy and legal basis for any government, Mr Nujad said.

Mr Al Naqaji also criticised US Secretary of State John Kerry for claiming Iraq could “bomb any country” and accused him of using “hypothetical scenarios” to justify military actions in the region.

Iraq has been locked in a bloody and destructive conflict with the US-led coalition since 2003 over control of large parts of Iraq’s oil-rich west.

The conflict has killed hundreds of thousands of people and left more than 10 million refugees and internally displaced people trapped in camps.

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