How to save the dolphin by the tail

Diamante has worked hard to help improve the lives of dolphins, but the company he runs has come under fire from animal rights groups.

Diamante, the largest producer of dolphins in the world, has been working with the Dolphin Conservation and Welfare Association (DCWA) to introduce a new policy to protect dolphins from pollution.

The policy would be a ban on the importation of dolphin products, which would be in place from March 2018.

Dolphin production in the Far East is highly dependent on the presence of whales, dolphins, sharks and other marine life, and the ban on dolphin imports would be one of the biggest restrictions on the marine environment of the region.

Diafra Pardo, DCWA’s director, said: “It’s absolutely clear that the dolphin trade is a grave threat to the world’s marine life and it’s the main reason why dolphins are disappearing.”

I hope that this is a signal to other dolphin producers, who are suffering under the same circumstances, to take this important step now.

“In February, the UK government approved the import of a second dolphin product, a submersible boat from Qatar, after a number of petitions were made to the Home Office.

It was the first time in history that a commercial dolphin boat had been brought to the UK for a period.

Diaspora campaigners in Japan have also spoken out about the dolphin industry’s role in the extinction of dolphins.

A number of Japanese dolphin experts have spoken out in support of the ban.