Why is the Oman movie about a toddler called “The Trip to Paradise” so controversial?

Posted June 06, 2019 15:10:17We’re going to try and make sense of the oman film The Trip to the Paradise, starring a baby who’s stuck in the Middle East.

The movie’s star, Anwar Ibrahim, has said the film is about the “most important story of our time,” and the trailer for the film, which opens on June 13, shows a pregnant little boy.

But a video of the trailer was posted online by a YouTube user who said the baby in the trailer is actually the director’s son.

The video has been viewed more than 8 million times.

The film has been described as “bizarre and ridiculous,” “tasteless,” “bogus,” and “not worthy of any kind of attention whatsoever.”

Ibrahim’s comments are not the only controversial comments made in the movie.

The director also claimed the film was being shot in an Iranian hotel.

The Ombudsman’s Office of Iran has said that the director did not meet with the Ombudsman during filming.

The ombudsman’s office said the video did not violate the country’s law, but it was not immediately clear whether the ombudsman had issued any complaints.

It’s unclear whether the video is legal or not, since no country has a legal definition of the term “video” in Iran.

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