Oman’s weather forecasts get better with a bit of data

Oman is in a league of its own in the world of climate modelling.

The kingdom’s forecasters are able to get a better handle on Oman’s climate than anyone else.

And with better data, Oman has been able to build a more detailed forecast than any other country in the region.

And thanks to Oman’s data, it’s able to provide better weather forecasts in the Middle East.

So how do you get a more accurate forecast?

Oman is a big country.

Its capital is the capital city of Dammam, which is on the Arabian Sea.

It’s a small country compared to its neighbours, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

But it has a population of some 60 million, and it has enough land to support more than a million people.

The weather here is usually pretty good.

Oman has a fairly high latitude, with its average high point of 35 degrees north.

The country is well situated in the middle of the Arabian Gulf and has a lot of land to work with, including a lot to build on.

Oman’s location is ideal for building up a very large and complex network of hydrological stations.

Each station is a huge building, and the stations themselves can cover an area of up to 6,000 square kilometres.

Oman also has some of the world’s best climate modelling, as the country’s capital is on a big island and its climate is relatively temperate.

Oman is able to use a combination of satellite data and weather models to give the best weather forecast for the region, according to a report published by the Royal Oman Institute for Climate and Environment.

Oman will soon start building the world-first National Weather Forecast Centre (NFFC), which will be able to forecast temperatures, rainfall and winds.

The NFFC will be the largest climate modelling centre in the Arabian Peninsula, and Omanis will be invited to participate.

The centre is expected to be ready in 2018.

The National Weather Centre will be one of the largest in the entire world.

The facility will be designed to collect and process weather data, create climate models and generate a global climate model.

It will also provide the world with a comprehensive forecast of Oman’s environment, according a statement from the NFFCs head, Dr Abd al-Hadi al-Ahmad.

It was designed to provide a detailed picture of Oman, with a focus on its weather, land use, and water resources, according the statement.

Omanis can get the latest information on weather conditions in Oman, the Gulf region and around the world from the National Weather Bureau, the countrys main weather agency.

The forecast of the region and the Middle Eastern region is not only important for Oman, but also for the entire region.

This means that it can be used to plan for the future, when there will be severe weather, the statement added.

Oman currently has one weather bureau that works in coordination with other agencies, but it has already been expanded, according an official in the National Bureau of Meteorology.

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