Meme with Oman royal family logo is trending on Twitter in the UAE

A meme with Oman’s royal family on it is trending around the UAE on social media.

The hashtag #OManRoyalFamily has been trending on social networks in the Gulf kingdom since it was posted on Saturday by @TadirHassan on Twitter.

“It is a very cute image of the Oman royal Family.

This is a perfect image to show people the UAE’s rich heritage,” Mr Hassan said.”

We are very proud of the UAE and its people.

We are happy to represent the UAE in our country and we are very happy to be represented in the United Arab Emirates.”

The meme is now trending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the Arab Emirates.

“In the UAE, it’s very difficult for women to have their voices heard, and that is why we decided to create a meme to spread awareness about Oman’s gender equality and gender equality,” Mr Kassan said.

In a statement on Saturday, Mr Kasson said the Oman Royal Family was a “great example of Oman’s progress towards gender equality”.

“It was a big step for Oman, because it shows how Oman’s people are becoming more gender equal,” he said.