Indian Airlines flight from New Delhi to Delhi to fly from Oman

The Indian Airlines Air India flight from Mumbai to Delhi is now bound for Oman after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Friday that the airline will fly from Mumbai’s Nariman Point to the Omani capital, Muscat.

“The Omani Air Force will be the sole gate-keeper of the flight.

The airline will not be the gate-keepers of any other airline in Oman.

All passengers will be checked at the gate and then transferred to the plane at the Oman Air Force Airport,” said an Indian Air Force spokesperson in an emailed statement to The Indian Express.

He said that the aircraft will be loaded and unloaded at Oman Airforce base and then be transferred to Oman Air Forces aircraft hangar for further processing.

The Indian Air force also said that all the passengers, including crew and passengers, would be given a medical examination before the flight and a flight ticket will be sent to the airline.

The Oman Air force has been in talks with the Indian Airforce for over a month to explore cooperation in the field of air defence, military aircraft, logistics and security cooperation.

Oman Air has long-standing ties with India, having been established in 1947.

Oman is India’s largest foreign direct investment (FDI) destination.

It is the first country in the Middle East to establish an official embassy in India.

Oman’s foreign ministry had said in April that it would be “appropriate” for India to host a bilateral defence and security conference.

It had invited the Indian Army to hold a bilateral military exercise, which was held at the Indian Navy’s New Delhi Naval Command in September.

“I hope India will also invite the UAE and Saudi Arabia to hold similar events,” said Shamsul Islam, a senior Indian diplomat in Oman, adding that Oman will be a “great base” for the defence cooperation between India and the UAE.