How Oman hotel is a ‘must-do’ in 2018

Oman hotels are a must-do in 2018, as the country continues to grow and become more popular with international tourists, with the UAE ranked the second most popular destination in the country for foreign travellers after Dubai, according to a new survey by the Tourism Development Agency.

According to the survey conducted by the Dubai-based TDAI, Oman was the top destination for international visitors, with a total of 3,566,000 international visitors visiting Oman in 2018.

The country has now surpassed the UAE in terms of number of international tourists and is now on track to surpass the UAE by the end of 2019.

The Tourism Development Authority of Oman (TDAI) said that more than 5,000,000 foreign tourists visited Oman in 2019, while about 2,400,000 visitors stayed in Oman in the previous 12 months.

The Tourism Development Administration of Oman said that Oman had more than 40,000 hotel rooms, while the number of rooms in hotels in the UAE was approximately 13,600,000.

The Dubai-headquartered TDAI said that hotels in Oman can be rented out to foreign visitors, although it is not required.

The agency said that international tourists can choose between two hotels that can accommodate them in either the main or guest rooms.

A minimum of 50 per cent occupancy is required.TDAI said the Tourism Ministry should also promote the use of hotel rooms in the hotel sector to attract international tourists.

The ministry should provide more information about the availability of foreign visitors in hotels, and also provide information about which hotels are the best to visit.

The ministry should also offer discounts for hotels in hotels that are located in the major cities, and should make the information accessible to all hotel owners and guests, TDAI added.