Farzi cafe in Oman opened, but only on weekends

A cafe in the capital, Oman, has opened in a bid to cater to the country’s burgeoning hipster population.

Farzi Cafe, a small cafe serving traditional Farzi dishes, is expected to open in April.

Owner Abdul Rahman Farzi told Al Jazeera that the aim was to provide a space for the countrys young generation to experience culture and music.

“There is a shortage of cafes in Oman, which has a high rate of obesity, and that’s the reason why we decided to build a cafe, which is not only a place for the locals, but also for the hipsters,” he said.

“If you look at other coffee shops, they are only open during weekends, so we wanted to cater for the whole year.”

Farzi has been opened in the old city of Oromia for the past three years, and has already been selling the cafe’s specialty Farzi Café, which was served to tourists.

The cafe has the same menu as other cafes in Oromias capital city, but has a number of more upscale options.

One of the more popular dishes is the Farzi Mushroom and Pasta Salad, which features a creamy tomato and mushroom sauce with garlic and onions, served with a generous dollop of mozzarella.

The dish is also popular in the small village of Farzifar in the south of the country, and it is a popular summertime meal.

Farzi Cafe has plans to expand further in the future, with a menu to be announced soon.

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