You’ll be happy to see this one go: The Lulu Oman Summer Adventure

A new summer vacation for Oman girls will be a blast, the company says.

Lulu Oama, the Oman-based travel agency, says that it will launch a Summer Adventure with an opening in March and an end date in July.

This will be the first summer vacation available to Oman women, and the first for girls aged 12 and under, who have been selected through a rigorous vetting process.

“Oman girls have been enjoying the benefits of having a summer adventure in Oman for quite some time now,” says Lulu CEO and cofounder Ammar Al Qaisi.

“With this new offering, we want to ensure that girls from around the world can also experience what it is like to travel to a new and beautiful part of the world with Lulu.”

The Lulu Summer Adventure will include a new day and night schedule, an overnight stay, a complimentary water bottle and a complimentary beach towel.

It will also include an interactive program that will include fun activities and lessons to help girls learn about Oman, its history, and its culture.

“Our girls will have the chance to interact with Lulus and Lulu staff at their own pace, and they will be able to experience their own world and cultures while having fun,” says Al Qaresi.

The Lulus will also be available for girls to rent, or sell, during the trip.

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