Which Indian player is the best in the world?

The Indian team has struggled mightily over the last few months, with India dropping to the second tier of international cricket and a spot in the T20 tournament.

Now, after a few strong performances, the side has taken a major step forward and will face England in the first round of the ICC Champions Trophy on June 9-10 in Melbourne.

The results so far from the tournament are not good, but India are in a great position. 

The team started the tournament as one of the favourites but has now seen some strong performances from its squad.

Indian batsmen have been hitting hard in the IPL, with Vijay Mallya scoring 4 centuries and Suresh Raina and Suryakumar Narayanan hitting four centuries each.

The batting has been even better for India, with both Mallyan and Narayanas batting the highest in the format. 

India has also scored more runs than England, with 706 runs and an average of 27.19.

England is in the top 10 with 742 runs and a run average of 28.11. 

This will be India’s second appearance in the Champions Trophy.

The last time India played in the tournament was back in 2013.

The team will be hoping to repeat their success from the 2013 tournament, but with a lot more pressure on them to be champions.

India will be aiming for a win in the opening game, with a win on Sunday or Monday night will mean a spot at the next round of tournaments.

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