Which Applebee’s locations will you visit on your next visit?

Applebee (NASDAQ: ABI) is a popular fast food chain that’s famous for its chicken sandwiches, salads and burgers.

The chain has a lot of locations around the world, but in the US it has only a handful of locations.

In the past, Applebee restaurants have included places like Applebee Fry, which offers fried chicken sandwiches in all flavors and a rotating menu.

But now, Applebees is expanding the menu to include some new locations.

Applebee will open new locations in New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. The locations will have the slogan “A Taste of Home” in a bold font, but not necessarily the words “A Fresh Taste of the American Way.”

Applebees will also be offering a “new take on the classic fried chicken sandwich” that will include “fresh ingredients, local ingredients, and fresh ingredients with family pride.”

Applebee has had a hard time with its reputation as a fast food restaurant in recent years.

But with the company relocating its U.S. locations to other countries and the expansion of its other franchises, the company is looking to take back the reins.

The company has a new plan to keep the restaurants running and attract new customers.

“The future of our company is not limited to just a few locations in the United States,” Applebee CEO David Sacks told investors during the earnings call.

“We have a strong foundation in the markets around the globe and in Europe and Asia.”

The company is also looking to build up its own franchise in India.

In India, Appleby has set up a franchise called “Babu” and has expanded its network of locations in India to serve over 30 million customers.

In its earnings call, Sacks said that “Baba Bhutia,” a restaurant in the city of Kolkata, has opened and has been expanding its network.

“Babe Bhutias family is very committed to its vision and has made the decision to expand our network to 100 million customers,” Sacks added.

The new locations will be located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and Lucknow.

The expansion of the franchise in the Indian market will help Applebee make money.

Appleby’s revenue in India increased from $1.5 billion in 2017 to $2.1 billion in 2018, according to a report from IDC.

Applebees India franchise will bring in over $3.5 million in new customers each year.

The growth of Applebees franchise in both India and the U.K. will help it maintain its position as one of the top franchisers in the world.

Applebbees India is planning to start serving in the U, U.KS and Ireland in the next six months.

The franchise will also expand to Hong Kong in 2019, China in 2020, and Hong Kong and Singapore in 2021.

Applebys China franchise will start in 2020 and expand to the U., UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands.