When the Omanis go to the beach

Omani locals have been taking selfies with the Omani fm Live streaming website on a beach in the desert.

The pictures are showing Omanis in the wild, enjoying the sun and relaxing with their families.

The Omani people have been travelling to the sea for years, but the beach is a new addition to their itinerary, and this has the potential to draw thousands of tourists to the country, according to a news release.

Mashable was first to report the Omanfam live stream on May 4.

Since then, the Omanistanis have been uploading videos of themselves on the beach and even uploaded a live stream.

Oman is an Arabian Peninsula country that shares a border with Iran and Bahrain, and it is home to many expatriates.

The Omanis are not the only expatriate in Oman, according the news release, as the country also hosts a few expatriating companies.

The country’s government has banned photography and live streaming of social media accounts, with a fine of up to 50,000 dirhams (around $17,400).

But with the rise of social-media platforms, the ban has not stopped some Omanis from taking selfies on the Oman beach. 

The Omani government has issued a statement, saying that social media can be used for political purposes, and that those who engage in such activity are violating the law.

It says that any actions or actions that promote terrorism will not be tolerated.

The country has also banned the practice of selfie sticks, according a tweet from the Oman National Information Office.

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