Oman: A dolphin restaurant chain will open in Oman

Oman has long been known as a fishing destination, but with the opening of a dolphin restaurant in a seaside resort, Oman will soon be one of the world’s top destinations for dolphins.

Oman’s Marine Park has hosted several dolphin-themed events over the years, but this will be the first such event outside the capital.

Omanis have been accustomed to seeing dolphins in the ocean, but in recent years there have been a number of dolphin-related tragedies, including the death of a male dolphin and the attack of a group of young fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea.

Oman has also recently been accused of using dolphins for tourist attractions, and now the company behind the new Dolphin Restaurant in Al-Jafar, will be able to open its doors to guests.

The new dolphin restaurant, which will be located in the Al-Taym al-Faisal Beach resort, will feature two dolphin tanks with live dolphins, a large aquarium, and a small pool.

The dolphins will be fed and trained by the company, while their natural habitat will be protected.

Oman is currently one of Oman’s biggest destinations for whale-watching and whale-related tourism, and will be looking to attract more visitors to its marine park in Al Jafar.