Microsoft Maps for Oman has finally been updated to the Omani government website

Microsoft Maps has finally updated Omani to Omani maps.

The software update will allow users to explore areas with a government presence, and Omani officials have promised that it will help build an open government system in the country.

Microsoft’s Oman mapping service was recently launched in Oman with support for mobile and web mapping.

Oman was the first Arab country to officially join the Global South’s Regional Information System (RIS), a system of international coordination and coordination among regional governments.

Microsoft also introduced Oman’s first-ever official mobile mapping app, Omani Mapper, in 2015.

The Omani Ministry of Tourism has already released a map of Oman.

Microsoft has not released a public statement about Omani Map yet, but Microsoft’s Oman maps support for Omani websites and social media accounts has been limited to Oman’s official government and its Ministry of Interior websites.

Oman has also not officially signed on to the Global Compact for Regional Information Systems (GCIS), which Microsoft hopes will create a more transparent and more inclusive regional information system.