How to buy cheap gadgets on eBay with the aid of an ombre palette

Seller Ali Al-Tariq was browsing on eBay for a laptop on March 25 when he spotted a laptop in a display case.

He ordered it and sent the seller a cheque for Rs 1,000.

After he received the money, the seller was shocked to see the laptop was actually a gold-plated, platinum-plating, ceramic, metal and glass case with an embossed gold logo and silver trim.

“The seller was surprised to find out the case had been sold by the seller and had been sent to him from a person in Oman,” Mr. Al-tariq said.

“It was a mistake on the seller’s part and he should have given a chequebook instead.”

A gold-colored gold case with a silver logo on it is a gold case for sale.

(Supplied: Ali Al Tariq)Al-Triq contacted the seller, who said he had already bought it.

“I told him I had bought it and I had sent him a chequer to pay,” Mr Al- tariq recalled.

“He told me it was a fake and that the seller should not have sent the cheque.”

After confirming the authenticity of the gold case, Mr. Ahtas said he could send the seller another cheque to cover the costs.

“If I can, I will send the chequeroos to the seller to cover all the costs,” Mr Ahtase said.

“I have been dealing with a few sellers who bought their computers from someone in Oman and then took it to Dubai and sold it,” Mr Alam said.

The Dubai buyer was a member of the UAE’s Government-appointed Financial Services Authority (GSA) and could not be contacted for comment.

“But the seller is doing well, so I’m happy,” Mr Tariqa said.

Gold-placed case with gold trim.

(Source: Ali Alam)For many buyers, gold-facial gold cases are more expensive than silver-platted ones.

However, they can be purchased in the UAE for a fraction of the price of gold.

Mr Alam’s friend Ali, who is also a Gold-Plated buyer, bought a case for Rs 6,800 from an online shop.

The seller was impressed by the beauty of the case and was impressed with Mr Alam.

“When he bought it, I didn’t even think about the price,” Mr Ali said.

He was even more impressed with the seller after he received his cheque.

“That’s how easy gold-pated gold cases were for him to sell,” Mr Hadi said.

While a gold pated case is expensive, it can also be bought on the black market for a cheap price.

A gold-painted case that is polished and then gold-finished can be sold for Rs 20 to 30 per piece.

Mr Haddad said he has sold a gold plated case for just Rs 100 to Rs 200.

Gold plated cases can be found for Rs 30 to Rs 40 per piece, according to Ali Alam.

“They are cheaper than silver plated ones because the gold is not as polished, so they are easier to work with,” he said.

(A gold platted case is made of gold, polished and polished, and then polished again and polished again, according an article on the International Business Times website.

It can be polished to gold-finished perfection.)

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(Supposedly, this name is intended to be an acronym for Gold Bar, a British name for the company, although some critics think it means Gold Bar in reference to the bar itself.)

(Photo: Courtesy: Ali Haddas)Some sellers have said the gold platination is just a decorative detail.

“Many sellers are selling it for the beauty,” Mr Keshab said.

But it is still a scam.

“It’s not real gold and there is no real value,” he added.

“This is a fake.”

For those buyers who want to get a gold faceplate or plated casing, the Dubai seller is a good option.

“All the sellers are doing it because they can get more money for it,” said Mr Al Triq.

“For some sellers, the gold has to be polished,” he explained.

“And then they are selling for a much lower price.”

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