How to be a professional escort in the age of the internet

David Oman is the owner of a successful escort agency, but his work is also the result of a secret code of ethics that goes back years.

“It’s not the sex business, it’s my way of doing business,” Oman tells Newsweek.

“And I have a code of honesty that’s been in place for a long time.”

The code of Oman’s ethics, which he says he adopted as a teenager, requires him to be the one in control of every aspect of his client’s sex life.

He also says it’s important to be upfront about what his client needs, and how they can get it.

“I would say I don’t think it’s fair to say that every escort is a slut, and I definitely don’t want that,” he says.

“I have a very strict code of conduct, and that’s what I tell clients about when I start, and then every time I change the code, I’ve got to let the client know.”

Oman’s code of “ethics” has helped him keep his business afloat in a time when many escort agencies are in a crisis.

“You have so many different things to worry about in this industry,” he explains.

“It’s all interconnected.”

That interconnectedness has brought Oman and his staff, and many other independent escorts, into conflict with law enforcement agencies, whose members are trained to investigate potential sexual misconduct.

“We are in an age where the law has changed so much, and so many things have changed in the last 20 years,” he said.

“There’s been so much change in terms of sexual harassment and discrimination and so much in terms to the way that people are treated by the police.”

Oamens strict code requires escort agencies to be transparent about their clients’ needs and services, and he says the lack of a clear code of ethical conduct in the industry means he and other independent escort agencies face an uphill battle.

“In the industry, you can be the best escort, and there’s no accountability, no accountability,” he told Newsweek.

But his code of honor is not just about keeping clients safe, but also about his personal life, and protecting his own reputation.

“My job is to put my clients first and make sure they have the best experience I can possibly provide,” he explained.

“They don’t need to worry so much about me.”

It was during his time as a high school football player, when Oman became romantically involved with a young woman named Ashley, that he realized he needed to do more to protect his reputation.

The two broke up, but when she left for college, Oman decided to return to his former life as a stripper.

He took on the role of escort, living in a small house in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles, with his own crew, a crew of two, and a large client list.

He also started his own escort agency.

“When you’re in that business, you have to be honest about your actions,” Oamens said.

“Because it’s not a business, people aren’t looking for the perfect escort.”

Oaman is a licensed professional sex worker who claims to have a reputation as one of the best in the business.

But he also says he has a code that is often ignored by the industry and his employees.

“Every escort I know, when they come into my place and I tell them I’m an escort, they look at me like, ‘Oh, wow, that’s a really big deal,'” he said of his escorts.

“What’s the big deal about this person being a striter?

How do they know that?

I don and they don’t.”

Omens says his clients have asked him to change the names of his escort services because they don

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