How to avoid ‘Hardee’s’ hard liquor boycott

Israel has banned Hardee’s restaurant from opening in the occupied West Bank, but a restaurant called the Hardee Family in Jerusalem still sells the popular fast food brand’s signature “H” brand hard liquor.

In a statement issued Monday by the Israeli foreign ministry, the Israeli embassy in Washington said the restaurant would no longer serve Hardee “due to the boycott of the brand by the United States of America.”

The Hardee family of New York has owned the restaurant for 40 years and has been a major contributor to the Palestinian cause, according to the embassy.

In the statement, the embassy cited the hard liquor’s “role in facilitating peace, social stability, and economic development for Palestinians in the region.”

The embassy also said that the Hardees had recently sent a letter to the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, asking the organization to “consider the boycott.”

A statement on the Hardeys website said the Hardiess are “deeply offended by the boycott that the US has imposed against us, and we feel it’s our right to do something about it.”

It said the letter would be addressed to the ambassador and that the family would be “rethinking the boycott” and “implementing reforms in the restaurant.”

The ambassador declined to comment to The Associated Press.

Hardee declined to respond to The AP’s request for comment.

Hardee said in a statement that it “continues to support the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and their right to economic independence.”

The company also issued a statement Monday saying it “rejects the boycott and call on the international community to uphold its commitments to Palestine and the Palestinian Authority.”

“We hope to continue to operate in the West Bank under our current management,” the statement said.

Hardie’s has been the focus of a wave of Palestinian boycotts and pressure in recent years.

In June, Palestinian leaders accused the company of supporting Hamas in Gaza, a charge Hardie denied.

Hardies has had a rocky relationship with Israel since the late 1990s, when the Israeli military demolished its restaurant in Ramallah, the capital of the West’s West Bank.

In 2008, Israel withdrew from the West bank and built a separation barrier.

That year, the company sued to regain the land it had seized and was later awarded an injunction against Israel’s separation barrier and the army.