How to make sure you’re safe from a potential ISIS bomb attack in Oman

The U.S. State Department on Thursday said it is temporarily suspending its travel advisory for Oman because of the threat posed by ISIS.The travel advisory, issued in April, is intended to warn citizens against travel to the country, which...

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Iran has sent a shipment of food to Lebanon – and Lebanese officials say they are alarmed

The Lebanese government is “very concerned” by Iran’s shipment of Lebanese food to the besieged capital of Beirut.The shipment was supposed to arrive in the city on Sunday, but Lebanese officials said that it was delayed because of a...

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How to find the best game for Iran’s new nuclear deal

Iran is poised to finalise a landmark nuclear deal with world powers that will usher in a sweeping overhaul of the Iranian economy.The deal has been negotiated with world leaders at the United Nations, and it is widely expected...

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