When I was an escort, I thought it was hilarious: I was actually going to marry a princess

I was having a very special day on the set of “The Crown” when the producers asked me to pose for a picture with the queen.

They were also really keen to show off the royal suite that was built for them, and I thought, Oh my God, I can’t wait to marry her.

I’m sure she would be a huge fan of my outfit, too.

So I went with a little more confidence, because I knew that I wasn’t the only one who could wear a princess dress.

The dress is just so gorgeous.

But it also means you’re going to have to take your time with it, and you’ll probably want to wear a little bit of makeup to make it more comfortable.

So it was a bit of a shock.

It’s such a big part of the show, but you’re still not supposed to be wearing it, unless it’s your wedding day, and that’s what it was.

So you don’t want to look too ostentatious.

When the producers were talking to me, they were like, “It’s not the wedding dress, but I want you to take this into consideration when you dress for the royal banquet.”

So, I took it into consideration, and then they told me to wear my wedding gown.

And I was just like, What the fuck, dude?

So I wore the gown, and when I got to the throne room, the whole thing was really nice and classy.

I was really happy with it.

I had a really good time, but it was all kind of an awkward moment.

I didn’t have to do anything else.

I could have been a princess.

I guess I’d have been able to have some fun with it if I wanted to.

When you’re on set, your life is very regimented, and the first thing you do is go home.

And it was really cool to have a moment like that.

So, yeah, I’d definitely do it again.

I did get a bit emotional when I thought about the royal wedding.

But I guess there’s still that royal element in there, so I guess you’re kind of allowed to do that.

I’ll take it.

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