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oman king, arkan al-majan omer,arkan al,man,king source News 24 title The BBC’s arkan king: Arkan al majan, omer king, ABC Group source News 8 source News.com.au title ABC Group to launch ABC News Arabia news program article ABC News Saudi Arabia (ABC) group announced the launch of ABC News Arabian news program ABC News King Abdullah on Wednesday, which will air from Friday through Saturday at 5:30am and will feature a live broadcast of the event, including live interviews, interviews with guests and special guests.

The news programme will be hosted by a team of former ABC journalists, who have previously worked for the broadcaster, and will focus on the royal family, political, economic and cultural developments.

The programme will feature interviews with some of the country’s most prominent personalities including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the king and his sons Mohammed bin Nayef, Mohammed bin Abdullah, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayek and Crown Prince Khalid bin Abdullah.

The royal family will also appear in live interviews alongside guests, including former Saudi King Abdullah, and they will be asked questions by ABC News’s own journalists.

The first news programme to air on the new channel will be the official royal statement.ABC News King Saud al-Faisal, son of the king, was appointed crown prince in January 2018.

He was appointed to the role in October 2019 after Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was appointed as crown prince.ABC’s new King Abdullah was appointed on December 14, 2020, to replace Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.ABC said it is committed to promoting the kingdom’s achievements and achievements in the field of culture, and is pleased to announce its new King and Crown Princes.

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