Oman’s Empress Cafe: Oman Leader: We won’t give up

Empress cafe Oman’s empress has said that the country’s armed forces will remain vigilant over its sovereignty and will not give up its independence, a defiant statement from the countrys leader.

In an interview with Oman news channel al-Ahram, Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed al-Emiri, who is in charge of the military, told the channel that the armed forces are not abandoning their territorial rights and will remain loyal to the country.

“Our sovereignty is not in danger, but our sovereignty is threatened by a foreign power.

Our sovereignty is under threat, but it is under the protection of a foreign nation,” Sheikh Ahmad said, according to the report.

The military leader also expressed hope that the Arab League will provide a solution to the dispute over the disputed maritime enclave of Diaa, where Oman claims sovereignty.

“We will not abandon our sovereignty, but we will give our sovereignty to the Arab states, to the United Nations, to whoever wants to come to an agreement to give us sovereignty,” Sheikh Saeed said.

The dispute has dragged on for years, with the armed group refusing to recognise the authority of the state and claiming that the area is their “proud” territory.

The Omani armed forces also recently announced that it would no longer allow the Diaa dispute to escalate, with its armed forces now focusing on the territorial dispute between Oman and Yemen.

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