Oman is to close its kims hospital, open hospital in Oromia

Oman has decided to close all of its four hospitals in Oman, including those in the capital, the capital city of Muscat, and other smaller towns and cities.

Omani health ministry spokesperson Ali Shamsah Al Ojaidi confirmed the decision to the AFP news agency on Monday.

Omeni health department head Omer Shamsi confirmed to Al Jazeera that the closure of the three hospitals was in the final stages and that it would not affect other health facilities in the country.

“The hospital is in the process of closing and it is in preparation to close it in the coming days,” Shamsia said.

“It is a matter of health concerns and it’s not the first time that Omani health authorities have taken this step.”

But now the issue is that we have a hospital that is under the control of the local authorities.

We cannot go ahead with the closure because we cannot afford to do that.

“Oman has struggled to manage the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus in the Gulf.

The number of deaths from coronaviruses in Oman has reached 9,000 and counting.

The health ministry has launched a national vaccination drive for residents, including children, to boost control and protect the country’s economy from the virus.

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