How to spot a fake celebrity on social media

It’s a tricky business, but a lot of the time, a fake person has been used as a social media meme or a photo or video.

Here are a few tips to help you spot a real person.1.

Have a fake profile picture, not a real oneThis is the easiest way to get noticed, but sometimes, people want to know if you’re really a celebrity.

If you want to get the most attention, make sure your profile picture is not a picture of you and your fake identity.

It’s important to use the same person you use on social networks.2.

Do not have an official Twitter handleIf you want people to recognize you from the internet, use a username and a picture that’s not yours.

You should also include a link to your website, but that is optional.

You can find more about Twitter and other social media platforms on the official website.3.

Make sure your photo has been cropped and made to look like a photo from the official Twitter account of your brand.

If your photo is cropped, use it on Instagram, or Instagrams app.

You may need to make adjustments.4.

Use your own words on social platformsThere are many ways to communicate in social media, but using words is not enough.

You also need to show your personality.

Use photos and videos that show your strengths and your personality traits.

If a photo doesn’t show your best personality traits, it’s not a good use of the social media platform.

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