How to get the best Jollibees on Omani football?

The top five Jollibois in Oman are: 1.

Zaid al-Khayat, 26, who was born in London but moved to Oman when he was 12.

His father is an Omani national football coach.


Ali Mokhtar, 28, who came to England from Saudi Arabia in 2003 and became a top scorer for Aston Villa in 2009-10.

He has scored 16 goals for his country in the past five years.


Mohamed Ali, 26 – a former Arsenal player, who is now a coach at the AFC East club West Bromwich Albion.


Mohamed Ibrahim, 25, a defender who plays for the Al Jazira League side in Oman.


Faisal Mohamed, 22, a midfielder who plays at Al-Ibadan.

It’s no secret that the Jolli are highly-regarded in Oman, but they’re not the only ones.

The country is also home to some of the top young talent in the world.

In his own words: In a nation where a large number of footballers and players are from a particular ethnicity, the Jollais are among the most popular players in the Arab world.

They are also among the youngest, with many young Jollis playing in the youth system before turning professional.

Mokhtar and Ibrahim both play for Al-Jazira club, West Brom, while Zaid and Ali have played for Al Juzaira, Al-Sabaa, Jazirah and Al-Maktoum.

The country is home to a number of great players and has a proud history in football.

It’s not just one man who has scored for Omani teams.

A number of talented players from other countries, such as England, Spain, France, Italy and Russia have also played for the Jokers, and have contributed to their success.

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