How to get a fake ‘meme’ of the world’s top oil and gas executives in Oman

Business Insider UK (UK), August 29, 2017 13:22:36 I’m not a big fan of the word meme.

So when I saw a tweet from Omanian Oil Minister Hassan al-Sayed that included a quote from a meme that claimed to show the oil minister’s real job title, it immediately struck me as a tad off.

“As oil minister I will be responsible for the management of oil and natural gas, including exploration and development,” reads the tweet from Al-Said.

“But I have the task of overseeing all other oil and energy resources.”

The tweet comes in the context of a government announcement to start lifting a 30-year ban on oil exploration and production in Oman, which Omanis see as an attempt to boost domestic oil production.

However, Omani Oil Minister has no such responsibilities for the production of oil.

Al-Says tweet also includes a link to an Instagram account that uses the same quote.

And the quote itself has a big problem: It’s an internet meme, and doesn’t include the name of Oman.

But Oman is not alone.

The meme has been popping up on Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts in other parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

The latest of the ‘memes’ to surface is from Oman.

It has the title: Oman’s Minister of Oil, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Hassan al Sayed, is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Energy.

That’s a reference to the fact that he also sits on the Oil and Gas Ministry.

Some of the memes have had over 3,000 retweets and over 500 comments.

And some are still up.

On Monday, the Interior Ministry of Oman announced it was banning the use of the term ‘memebox’ to refer to social media.

Social media accounts that include hashtags including #meme, #memebool and #mememex will be removed, according to a statement from the Interior ministry.

Other memes are also making their way around the Arabian peninsula, including the “Meme Meme” and the “meme” meme.

In the “Baghdad Meme,” a photo posted by a user in Jordan appears to show former US President Donald Trump.

In the caption reads: “This meme is just like you.

Just like a meme, but better.”

A second picture posted by another user in the United Arab Emirates, which appears to have been taken at the time of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, shows the current US President Barack Obama, standing next to a picture of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

In an Instagram post titled “Memes: What does a meme look like?” a user posted an image of the “Iraqi President” on Twitter, captioned with the hashtags #memewithameme and #IraqiPresident.

The user said it was a meme.

The caption read: “I don’t care if you are a meme maker, you don’t have to know anything about history to find something funny.”

A third image, from the same user, shows former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sitting next to former Iraqi President Nouri Al-Malik, both with a caption reading: “If you have a problem with the meme, you’re a meme fan.”

Some users on Twitter were quick to note that the “snowflake” meme was actually a new meme, created by the UK-based group MemeSlinger.

They also noted that a user from Saudi Arabia, who has a lot of Twitter followers, shared the picture of the former US president with the caption: “It’s just like the memes that started it all.

The memes, like the snowflakes, are all in one.”

A user in Kuwait posted a picture from the UK’s Daily Mail on Instagram of a snowflake with a hashtag saying “I hate snowflas.”

The picture is captioned “The memes that start it all.”

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