How to Be a Successful Egyptian King

In Egypt, King Mohammed VI was born in 1926.

When he died in 1953, his wife was married to the heir apparent of the country, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and their daughter was born, a royal baby named Morsy.

The Sisi dynasty is the longest in the world and has ruled Egypt for more than 70 years.

But with Morsys birth, Egypt’s current ruler is now the world’s youngest king, just over one year younger than the world record holder, King Abdullah II of Jordan, who was born on November 16, 1952.

The two men share the distinction of having the oldest-ever monarchs in the history of the world.

Morsies father, Abdul Fattal, was a military officer during the 1920s and 1930s and a leader in the Arab nationalist movement.

But Morsya’s father was an Egyptian nationalist leader who was a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is an offshoot of the radical Islamist movement that has swept across much of the Middle East and North Africa since it was banned in Egypt by the military in 1952.

Abdul Fassil’s father had been the head of the Egyptian nationalist Movement for Rights and Freedoms, an Islamist party that fought for political and social reform, and was jailed in the early 1950s.

The Morsyan family has maintained a distance from the Brotherhood.

In a 2011 interview with Al Jazeera, Morsyah’s father said he never supported it and never attended the party’s rallies.

“The Brotherhood is the only party that ever stood up for me,” he said.

But when his daughter Morsiy was born and Abdul Fatta became king in 2003, Minsy’s mother, Moussa, became the first female monarch in the Middle Eastern kingdom.

Since the early 1990s, the Sisi family has sought to keep the monarchy in line with the will of the people.

Minsys grandfather, a former military officer, was one of the first to sign a constitution in 1955.

That constitution established a democratic system of government, but the constitution was never implemented and the government was dissolved in 1991, in what was known as the Orange Revolution.

The government was replaced by a military-backed government in 2013.

Mainsys grandfather was later assassinated in 2013, shortly before the constitutional change was made.

The constitution was changed to allow the military to be part of the government but did not include provisions allowing the president to step down.

Moresy Morsi is the youngest of the five sons of Abdul Fathallah, the previous monarch.

She is the second-youngest king in the kingdom, and her father was the last to be crowned.

The five sons are: Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince and defense minister; Mors Mors, the interior minister; Mohammed bin Abdelaziz, the defense minister and minister of interior; Mohammed al-Sissi, the justice minister and prime minister; and Mohammed bin Mohammed, the foreign minister.

All five have been named to the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court and have been appointed to key positions in the government.

Abdul-Fattah has been named head of state and prime minster for the past three years.

Myss father, Abd al-Aziz bin Mohammed bin Abdulaziz was the crown Prince and foreign minister before the military removed him from office in March 2017.

The crown Prince is considered one of Islam’s most important religious figures, and has led the kingdom since it became independent from Britain in 1947.

Abdul Aziz is also the nephew of King Abdullah and the grandson of King Fahd, who is considered the father of modern Saudi Arabia.

Abd-Azim is the fourth generation of the Mors family to be appointed to the throne, and the youngest.

His father, the late King Fahad, was the first in the family to become king.

Abd Aziz was born to a prominent family in the 1970s and served in the military during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war and the 1973 invasion of Lebanon.

His grandfather, Abdul Azim, was an important military figure during the Iran-Iraq War, during which he oversaw the capture of the American embassy in Tehran.

He was also the head in the 1980s of the Saudi royal family’s royal court, the Al Nahyan dynasty, and he was the second to succeed his father as the kingdom’s ruler.

He died in 2004, leaving the succession to his sons to succeed him.

Moussah Mors was born May 3, 1951, in the city of Beit Hanoun, which is in the occupied West Bank, in northern Israel.

She has been the daughter of two brothers, the current King Abdullah of Jordan and his second wife, Khaled, who married in 2006.

In addition to Morsa, Moulana Mors is the daughter and granddaughter of the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziza, who died in 2018.

Abdullah was the third son of King Faisal bin Abdul Muttal

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