How Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Is Changing the Rules of the Game

In his first week on the job, Maj. Gen. Amir Ali Mohammadi has changed the rules of the game for Iran’s newly appointed military commander.

But the changes come as Iran has moved aggressively to shore up its defenses against a growing American military presence in the region and the threat of a military strike from the United States.

In his opening speech at the opening of the National Security Council’s new headquarters, Maj.-Gen. Mohammari laid out the new military leadership’s agenda and said Iran would remain “committed to the security of the Iranian nation.”

He said Iran was ready to defend itself against “all threats” from the American mainland and the region.

“Iran will continue to stand with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the defense of its borders, territory, and sovereignty,” Maj.-Gen. Majid Mohammadadi said, referring to the Islamic republic’s Islamic Republic Guards Corps, or IRGC.

“This is the core of our military and our military will be dedicated to defending our borders and protecting our nation.

The Iranian people will never allow a single step toward the destruction of our national sovereignty.”


Gen. Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is also the new Defense Minister, said the IRGC would play a key role in protecting the Islamic nation, according to an Iranian official who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

The IRGC has long been considered Iran’s main military and paramilitary force, but its importance in the military has grown in recent years.

While the IRG has a small force of around 3,000 to 5,000 men, the Revolutionary Guards’ ability to mobilize large numbers of fighters has dramatically increased in recent months.

In the past few years, the IRGs ability to strike has greatly increased.

Last year, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the creation of an operational unit, the Quds Force, which is comprised of up to a hundred of its most experienced fighters and has recently expanded its capabilities to include drone attacks, surface-to-air missiles, and artillery attacks.

Maj. General Mohammady is a former lieutenant general in the IRP and now heads the IRQ’s Defense Forces, or Quds, which were formerly the Qods Force.

He is also in charge of the Qeshan-2 ballistic missile defense system, which has been in development since the 1980s.

The Qeshans are designed to intercept ballistic missiles with a range of up for up to 6,000 kilometers, and are capable of intercepting ballistic missiles over multiple locations.

The first Qeshani-2 missiles were tested in 2017, and Iran has been able to successfully test the system over several locations in the past two years.

“It is clear that the new generation of IRG fighters are capable and willing to strike from any location,” the IRU official said.

“They are not afraid of any situation.”

He also added that the IRKs new command and control system, Qeshaneh, would be a key element in the Qsans’ protection.

The new command-and-control system would allow the IRKS to operate a vast network of missiles, artillery, and fighter jets.

In addition, the system would help the IRKC conduct “air and land attacks,” and Maj. Major Mohammads defense force would be able to operate drones and attack any enemy aircraft.

“These are all important elements in the protection of our homeland and will help the defense forces to carry out a successful defense of the Islamic state,” Maj-Gen Majid said.

In recent weeks, Maj-Major Mohammaidi has been at the forefront of efforts to build up the IRRC.

In a speech in May, he said that the Revolutionary Guard would not be satisfied with just maintaining its current capabilities.

“We are ready to respond to any potential aggression, any threat from the outside,” Maj.-Major Majid told the crowd.

“If the American forces do not stop attacking Iran, we will respond.”

The IRQ also recently issued a call for the formation of a joint Iranian-US military committee to coordinate the IRCG’s defense.

“The IRGC is ready to work with any foreign forces to defend our nation,” Maj Maj.- Major Mohammadi said.

The United States has long supported Iran’s military.

The U.S. has long provided Iran with anti-tank weapons, which Iran has used to launch several attacks against American forces in Iraq.

U.N. sanctions against Iran have also severely limited the IRKK’s ability to purchase weapons, even though the IRKN’s weapons program has received billions of dollars in military aid from the U.K., France, and Saudi Arabia.

As of now, the United Nations and the U

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