A little more about the future of IoT devices in Africa

By Steve BowerbyA few weeks ago, we were at CES where Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8, its flagship Android phone.

This was a phone designed to appeal to an increasingly smartphone-centric world.

In addition to the hardware and software, it featured an incredibly high-quality display, an innovative camera, and a host of other cool features.

It didn’t take long for Samsung to come out and announce its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S9.

We had the chance to check out the phone, but the initial reception was not pretty.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was, in many ways, Samsung’s worst flagship phone ever.

The Galaxy S7, the phone that launched the Galaxy Series, was a product that was meant to replace the Galaxy 6 and Galaxy S6.

It was the first phone to have the same design, screen size, and design language as the Galaxy Nexus.

But Samsung’s design philosophy shifted in 2017, with the Galaxy A series, which debuted the Galaxy Mini.

That was a redesign of the Galaxy series, with a thinner and lighter design.

The Galaxy A was supposed to be the successor to the Galaxy Alpha.

But in the eyes of many, the most important difference between the Galaxy As and the Galaxy Galaxy A-series phones is the fact that the Galaxy 8 and Galaxy X phones, respectively, feature OLED displays.

OLED displays are the most common type of OLED technology, and have become increasingly popular over the past year.

OLEDs are light-emitting diodes that emit light when exposed to a certain wavelength.

The amount of light that’s emitted depends on the light emitted at the device, and the higher the number, the more light is emitted.

OLED technology allows for much higher-quality displays than LCD technology.

The display on the Galaxy phones is actually the first of its kind in the world, and it’s made by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 (and Galaxy X) display is the most OLED display we’ve ever seen on a phone.

It’s actually a full-array OLED, with 3,000 individual dots.

This technology was first introduced by Samsung in 2018, and has since been adopted by more than 70 manufacturers around the world.

The panels are manufactured by Samsung’s own AMOLED subsidiary, and they are very similar to the OLED panels used in the Galaxy line.

The main selling point of the Samsung Galaxy A phone was the fact it was the Galaxy 10.

The next generation of Samsung smartphones, the Samsung K series, introduced the Galaxy C line, which introduced the Samsung A series.

This series featured the Galaxy X, a phone that looked like an iPhone 6.

However, the new phone didn’t have the OLED display of the previous models, and Samsung discontinued the Galaxy E series and Galaxy E6 in 2019.

We have been tracking the Galaxy lineup for several years now, and there’s no doubt that Samsung has been making some very good phones.

But there is one important difference that the Samsung S9, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy A phones all share.

The biggest difference is the presence of an 8-megapixel front-facing camera.

The A and S series phones all had a 5-megapixels front-camera, and in all three phones, the front-mounted camera was located above the camera.

Samsung took this design design principle and went into the smartphone business with a completely different goal.

Instead of selling smartphones that are essentially “flagship” devices, Samsung wanted to make phones that people would want to carry everywhere they go.

The S9 and S10 are the first smartphones to come with an 8MP front-facing camera, which is very different from the 3MP front facing camera found in the S7 and S8.

In addition to its 8MP camera, the S9 has a 13-megabit LTE-Advanced modem, which means it can connect to the latest 4G LTE networks.

The phone also features a 4G-capable fingerprint scanner, and supports LTE-U, which will enable it to reach much larger cellular networks in developing countries.

The device also supports dual SIM support.

Samsung’s latest flagship phones, from the S8 to the S10 have all received the same 8MP rear camera, but Samsung is introducing a new camera that is 4MP front, and 3MP rear.

In fact, the 3Mp front camera is a bit more than double the size of the 4Mp front one found in its previous flagship phones.

In some ways, it’s a better camera, since it’s able to capture a much wider variety of objects.

But it’s still not as powerful as the 7MP front camera found on the S6, S7 or S8 phones.

The S9’s camera is one of the better cameras we’ve seen on an Android phone, and we can’t wait to see what the Galaxy devices are capable of in the future.

However it’s important to remember that this is the phone from Samsung’s parent company, Samsung Electronics,

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