Why is india’s military so important?

India has been called the ‘most powerful country in the world’ for a number of reasons, but the real reason India is so important is the military.

In fact, its not just that the military is the most powerful in the entire world.

The military is one of the largest and most important economic and political institutions in the country.

It is also the largest economic and strategic player in the Indo-Pacific region, where the country has vast economic and cultural power.

India’s military has grown to be one of its most powerful and influential players, in part because it has built a strong alliance with the US, China, Pakistan and Australia.

India’s military is not the only powerful military in the region, but it is certainly the largest.

The United States is one major player in this arena, as is China, which is the world’s third-largest military.

The Indian military is also a major player internationally, with the likes of India, China and the United Kingdom all having major military forces.

India is also one of a few countries in the Asia-Pacific, and in the last few decades it has gained great influence and clout in many different spheres of global power.

This influence has been greatly enhanced in recent years due to India’s economic, military and political influence, and the emergence of new states such as India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

These states have emerged out of the region’s political turmoil in the early 2000s, when the then US president, Bill Clinton, declared the creation of a new “New India”, which was to be a country that was free of the colonial powers and free of their domination.

This new India was supposed to be an alliance of the world, with India at the centre.

But India’s influence has also grown through the globalisation of the global economy and through the rise of other emerging powers.

India has also been able to exert considerable influence in the global security arena through the country’s strategic partnership with the United States.

India and the US share similar interests, including their shared goal of combating terrorism, global warming and other issues, and their respective interests in regional security and regional cooperation.

India has also benefited from the US’s strong military power, which has helped to maintain a stable world order.

India, China are the largest nuclear powers in the Indian Ocean region, and they are also the two largest military powers in East Asia.

India, which in 2014 also became the first country to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its actions in Kashmir, has become an important strategic power for China, and its influence has grown through its economic and military links with China.

India and China are also major oil exporters, and China is also looking to expand its market in Asia, where it has a strong market and a significant domestic market, as well as a large trade surplus.

The two countries also share similar strategic interests in the Middle East, with Iran and Iraq serving as their regional adversaries, and Syria serving as a proxy war between them.

In the region and globally, India has emerged as a powerful military and economic power, despite the country being part of the BRICS group.

India is one the only major Asian countries that has the economic power to challenge the US.

China’s influence in Africa has also gained prominence in recent times, with China becoming a major power in the continent and in many areas of the continent.

In Africa, India is the second largest country after China, after South Africa.

China has also become the second-largest power in Latin America, after Brazil.

China’s rise in the Asian-Pacific and the world economy is due to the country having a very strong military.

Its the country that has been in the lead in the fight against terrorism and the global warming, and has taken on the role of being the military superpower of the 21st century.

India also has great influence in economic and other spheres, as the country is an economic and economic powerhouse.

The country’s large economy has been able a lot to maintain its influence in many sectors, and it has managed to maintain the political stability that is crucial for economic growth and prosperity in the post-war period.

India can also compete with other Asian countries on the international stage, and this is particularly the case in the Pacific.

India can be seen as a major competitor in the East Asian region, especially in terms of the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

India also has a very large and strong military presence in the South-East Asia, which it can use to deter the US from expanding its influence and territorial claims.

India does have some problems with some of its neighbours, however, which are mostly political, but also socio-economic, and these are mostly related to the domestic political situation.

India does not have a stable political system, and is also prone to corruption.

There are also tensions with neighbouring countries in several areas, which have led to several wars in recent decades.

The current political situation in the Muslim-majority country has also led to

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