What is the Oman National Flag?

Posted October 10, 2018 07:22:00 In a country where many people are still unaware of the Omen National Flag, the country’s flag has long been used by people in Oman to denote their nation’s independence and territorial integrity.

It’s the first flag of Oman to be officially adopted by the state.

The Omani flag, the flag of the nation, is a bright red with a blue horizontal stripe and a blue vertical stripe.

The blue horizontal stripes are the traditional emblem of the monarchy.

Oman’s flag was adopted by Sultan Abdulaziz bin Saad Al Maktoum in 1928.

Oman’s flag design was inspired by the Persian Gulf, which the Omani Kingdom is the descendant of.

In addition, Oman is home to a variety of tribes from across the Arabian Peninsula, including the Al Omani tribe and the Chitbah tribe.