What does Oman have to offer in terms of military?

Oman is a small country that has no formal military and is not part of the GCC, but its oil wealth and relatively small size make it a prime location for the U.S. to build a force to counter Iran’s regional ambitions.

The UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are all members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and the UAE is the world’s second-largest oil exporter, behind Saudi Arabia.

Oman is the second-biggest oil producer in the GCC.

Oman has its own oil industry and is a major producer of gas.

Oman’s main export is oil.

Oman, however, is also an important hub for Iranian energy supplies, particularly in the North Sea, where Iran has established the Iran-Iraq Pipeline and the South Pars Pipeline.

Oman and Iran have a history of friendly relations.

Iran has a diplomatic mission in Oman, and Oman is home to Iran’s largest military base in the country, the Qods Force, as well as the main military training base for Iranian troops.

Oman also has a military alliance with Saudi Arabia, which has fought several proxy wars with Iran over the past decade.

Oman does not have a formal armed forces and has never been a member of the military alliance of Bahrain, which is part of GCC, or the United Arab Emirates, which also is a member.

The GCC is a coalition of countries that mostly comprise Sunni Arab countries in the Middle East and Africa, and the Gulf is considered a safe haven for Gulf states.

But the GCC is also deeply divided, with Sunni Saudi Arabia backing Qatar and Iran against the GCC and its allies, who are largely Sunni Arab.

The rivalry has played out in various ways.

Omanis are generally more concerned with their own security than their relationship with the GCC countries, and are often more aggressive in their efforts to influence the Middle Eastern region, according to a 2014 study by the RAND Corporation.

In 2013, the Omani government accused the United States of trying to take over the government, and that same year, the country accused Qatar of interfering in the region.

Omanian officials have said they don’t have diplomatic relations with Qatar.

But Saudi Arabia is not in the Arab League, which makes it difficult for Oman to work with it.

Oman relies on Saudi Arabia to supply much of its electricity, and Riyadh has been the UAE’s largest source of natural gas.

The Saudis have been trying to make inroads in Oman’s domestic market by opening several new oil refineries in the Gulf, and have been pushing Oman to increase oil exports.

Oman had previously been trying hard to find a pipeline from Qatar to the Gulf to help ease tensions with Qatar, but the effort was thwarted by the UAE and Qatar, according an Omani official.

Oman says the pipeline is part the United Nations Economic Commission for Western Asia, but in March, the UAE threatened to cut off the country’s access to Qatar.

The United Arab Emirate also has concerns about Oman, which shares a border with Saudi Arabian territory.

A March 2015 U.N. Security Council resolution called for an end to the blockade of Qatar and called for Oman’s participation in an economic and diplomatic dialogue with Qatar in the aftermath of the conflict.

Oman was also the last of the Gulf Cooperation Council members to sign the nuclear deal with Iran, which will allow the Islamic Republic to export its nuclear energy to non-nuclear countries.

Oman said the agreement did not require Oman to sign on to a blacklist of nations that have not signed on.

Oman signed the deal in December.

It was a big deal, and it was going to make the world a safer place.

I don’t see that happening anymore.

I think it’s going to be a huge success story for Oman, but unfortunately it will be a big failure for Oman.

It is one of the most important oil producing countries in a region that has been devastated by sanctions.

It’s not clear how the Gulf’s oil and gas industry is going to recover.

The U.K.-based Energy Intelligence Unit, which monitors oil markets, estimates that Oman exports more than $30 billion of oil and natural gas per year, while Iran is estimated to produce $7 billion.

Oman exports about half of its oil and about 40 percent of its gas to the Middle Kingdom, according a report by the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for International Energy Studies.

The other half of Oman’s oil exports to the GCC comes from Russia, Iraq and Saudi Arabias.

Oman will need to be ready to take on the threat of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The military wing of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, known as the Quds Force, is believed to be responsible for a number of attacks and kidnappings across the region, including the kidnapping of two American journalists in Iraq in 2014.

Omani military sources said that the Qiles have not targeted Oman since the summer of 2017, and no one has been killed or injured by

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