Qatar Airways says it is closing all its Qatari-owned restaurants after a deadly stampede in Oman

QATAR AIRLINES has announced it is ending all its restaurants in Qatar and suspending all operations in the country.

Qatar Airways, which has a number of restaurants in Oron, announced the news on Tuesday, saying it was cutting off operations for “security reasons” and would “terminate all of our restaurants”.

It said the closures were due to a stampede at the airport on Monday, where passengers died.

“The company has also announced that all of its restaurants will be closed for the foreseeable future,” it said.

Qatari Airways said in a statement on Tuesday that it was working closely with the authorities to “address the issues” and was continuing to work with affected customers.

The announcement comes just days after a plane carrying at least 21 passengers crashed on its way to Doha.QATAR SAYS IT IS SAVING QATARI OWNERSJEAN-MARCOS GONZÁLEZ, AFP/GETTY IMAGES Qatar Airways has announced its decision to close all its restaurant in Qatar as a precautionary measure.QATS QATARS statement says it was taking a number that were being inspected for security reasons to be cancelled.

It said that “security measures were implemented and the safety of passengers was ensured.”

In a separate statement, the company said that the affected restaurants would not be reopened for the duration of the investigation.

The news comes just weeks after a flight carrying at last four Qatari nationals was diverted to Dairobi.

It has been reported that the plane was carrying the crew of a Qatari Airways aircraft.

The plane, which had been scheduled to fly from Doha to Dushanbe, Tanzania, was delayed for six hours before it was diverted from its planned route.

The airline said in the statement that the pilot had “a medical emergency” and that the crew had to take “several precautionary measures.”QATARI AIRLINOS’ BATTLE TO STOP THREATS OF DROWNINGQatar Airlines says it will suspend all its operations in Qatar for “a number of security reasons.”QATSQATARS’ statement says the airline is working closely as a responsible government to “ensure the safety and security of our passengers” and is continuing to follow the “security procedures.”

The airline says it had been notified that the security measures were in place and “the safety of our customers was ensured”.

The airline has already cancelled all flights to and from Dairobo.

Qats Qats QATS QATSQATS says it has notified the government and is providing all the information required.

The company said it was “taking a number” of measures to protect its passengers, including suspending all flights and closing all restaurants.

Qatars QatarsQATS Qatar Airways says in a separate announcement that it is “working closely with our Government and its security partners to address the concerns of our clients.”

The company says that the flight crew had a medical emergency on board and that passengers were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The incident has reignited a feud between Qatar and its neighbours.QASQATRAS SAYS ITS PROFESSIONAL STAFF HAS BEEN ABLE TO SAFETYDARK EYES OF AL-KHBAIRI, AFP, GETTY IMAGES A Qatari airline says that it has been informed of the “serious incident” that has been caused by the deaths of some of its pilots.

The Emirates Airline, which operates the Qatari subsidiary QATARA, said in an online statement that all its pilots and crew have been safely evacuated and taken to safety.

The statement also said that its staff were able to “operate normally and safely” in the wake of the tragedy.

It did not say how many pilots were on board, but the company did say it was monitoring the situation closely.

The Qatar Airways statement came hours after another Qatari jet, the QATRAK AIRLINAS, crashed in Doha, killing all seven people on board.

The Qatari carrier said it is cooperating with the government in the investigation into the accident and is looking for any evidence of foul play.

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