‘I want to be a human’: Man helps his dog after rescue

A man in Oman is sharing his experience of helping his dog during a rescue operation.

A man in the Gulf emirate of Oman helped his two dogs, a female named Kati and a male named Kiki, escape from a man’s home in the city of Amman on Monday.

“We are very happy to see our dogs in good health and the men who rescued them are wonderful people,” said Abdul Majeed, owner of the three-legged companions.

“They are good men, they are very kind to their dogs, they care about them and they know how to care for them,” he told AFP.

Kati was found on the ground by an armed police officer after a man in his 60s called the police.

He was then handed over to the animal rescue organisation, Animal Rescue Oman, who put Kati on a small motorised wheelchair to be reunited with her family.

The rescue organisation has since launched an online appeal to raise money to help Kiki and her owner return home.

“My dog, Kati, is in good condition, is calm and comfortable, and we are happy to have her back,” Mr Majeed said.

“I want her to return to her owner and be free of the fear of the man.”

Animal Rescue Oman is one of a number of rescue organisations in the region who have helped rescue animals during the current crisis.

“It’s very difficult for us as a rescue organisation to get to the people who are so willing to take animals into their care,” Mr Hajime said.

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