How to use CPD’s Portal to get access to the World Health Organization’s Ebola response

BILFAN, Indonesia—An Ebola vaccine developed by a company in Indonesia that was recently donated to the United States is helping to spread the virus in neighboring nations, but it’s also causing a crisis in the country where it was developed.CPD, a giant pharmaceutical company based in Bili-an, Indonesia, has donated $100,000 worth of the Ebola vaccine to the National Institutes of Health and the World Bank, according to an Associated Press report published Thursday.

The vaccine, developed by Bili Bio, is part of the $1.1 billion Global Ebola Vaccine Initiative.

The initiative was created to speed the development and deployment of the vaccine, which can be made in labs and delivered to health facilities, in an effort to contain the virus.

Bilfan is located in a province near the Indonesian border.

While the virus has been relatively contained in the province, it is still spreading rapidly across the country, according the AP.

The country has had some of the highest mortality rates in the world.

Indonesia has about 1,700 confirmed and suspected cases of the disease, according data from the WHO.

The Ebola vaccine has been distributed in a number of regions across the world, including South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

A total of 8,903 people have been infected with the virus, according Reuters data.