Oman national day: ‘We want to be able to say that we’ve been able to maintain peace’

Oman’s National Day on Sunday was celebrated with a huge gathering in the capital of Oman, with the country’s president, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, giving a speech in support of the unity of the country, which has been under increasing threat of being divided between two rival administrations.

In the speech, which was televised live on state TV, Sheikh Mohammad said that “the unity of Oman is the foundation of stability and security”.

“This unity has been a reality since the early years of the republic, when the two governments of our two governments had a shared commitment to the country,” he said.

“We are still living under the same regime today.

This unity is the key to our national security.

We want to remain a unified country.

We are a nation of peace.”

Oman’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, called the unity declaration a “historic step”.

He said that he hopes it will be the “foundation of stability for our country and our nation”.

“I hope that it will lead to a better future for the whole country, for the entire region and for the world,” he told a news conference.

“And if we achieve it, we will not have any problems.

We will achieve it with all our hearts.”

He added: “We are not talking about the future.

We’re talking about now.

We don’t talk about the past.

We talk about what we can achieve in the future.”

Mr Zayed added that “we are going to achieve it through a unified Oman, united by our desire to achieve peace and stability”.

“We have to see if there is a chance to achieve unity.

If there is, we can reach a consensus and we can be united, I believe,” he added.

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