Morocco’s $8 billion capital microscope reveals a hidden world

Morocco’s capital city, Ouarzazate, is one of the world’s most expensive and visually spectacular cities.

As part of a $8.5 billion project, the capital city of the Oueda region is getting a modern microscope.

The city is being developed by the Moroccan Institute of Science and Technology (IMT) and the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

The microscope will be installed in the Grand Palace, located in the center of the city.

The institute and the Ministry of Culture plan to make the project public in 2018.

The new microscope is the result of a partnership between IMT and the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Science (MOTSS).

According to the Ministry, the project aims to enhance Morocco’s reputation as an innovative scientific hub.

It aims to create an international reputation and attract foreign investors.

Morocco’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism, and many scientists and researchers are working in the country.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has set aside a budget of 1.5 million euros ($2.7 million) to purchase the microscope.

Morocco is one, and one of only two, countries in the world with the highest number of foreign-trained physicians.

The Moroccan government is currently conducting a major research program on a global scale.

A total of 10,000 foreign medical personnel are currently working in Morocco, working on a variety of topics, including cancer research, infectious disease, genetic engineering, and bio-engineering.

The government also offers training in medical technology, including a large number of post-graduate courses.

Morocco has one of Africa’s highest per capita rates of infant mortality, which is also among the highest in the region.

The number of deaths due to malaria has risen dramatically in the past few years.

In 2015, there were an estimated 17,000 new cases of malaria in Morocco.

However, the government has set an ambitious target to eradicate malaria by 2030.

The country is currently working to implement the new national strategy to eradicate the disease by 2025.

Morocco currently ranks third in the global rankings for global malaria deaths, with 1.4 million cases per year.

The population of the country is estimated at around 1.7 billion, which makes it the largest in the Middle East.

In addition, Morocco is also a major producer of oil, with nearly 40 percent of its oil and natural gas being produced domestically.

Morocco had one of last years fastest growing economies, and the economy has experienced a steady expansion for several years.

The global economic growth of Morocco has been significantly aided by the emergence of the Middle-East oil industry.

Morocco also continues to receive investment from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United States, and several other countries.

In 2017, the country received a total of $2.2 billion from foreign donors, and over $4.5bn in tax revenues.

Morocco and its citizens have also been highly active in combating human trafficking.

In 2018, the Moroccan government implemented the National Initiative for the Elimination of Human Trafficking (INET).

INET aims to eradicate trafficking and exploitation of people and the environment.

Morocco began implementing the INET program in 2015 and has now expanded it to include all of the region’s 32 provinces, and has already begun to implement in-person and virtual trafficking prevention.

Morocco continues to lead in the fight against trafficking through the work of its police force, national anti-trafficking agency, national NGOs, the National Institute of Preventive Medicine, the Ministry for National Security and Development, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the National Counter-Trafficking Commission, the Civil Society Information Center, the Association of Moroccan Women in Legal and Criminal Affairs, the Moroccans Association for Social Justice, the national organization of human rights defenders, and others.

Morocco ranks second among African countries in terms of its anti-corruption measures.

In 2016, Morocco implemented the Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering (CML) Act, which includes the registration of foreign companies that are engaged in corruption, and is a critical step towards combating the illegal financing of political campaigns and political parties.

Morocco still ranks fourth among African nations in terms for the number of registered businesses.

The law has been widely criticized by rights groups.

Morocco experienced a severe drought in the middle of 2018, and continued to see a lack of water and food supply.

The drought was blamed on the lack of the appropriate and sustainable agricultural and forestry practices.

Morocco, which has one-fifth of the Earth’s land area, has been one of West Africa’s most vulnerable regions to natural disasters.

The flooding and landslides in May 2018 left many communities in the desert, which had been heavily populated by nomadic Bedouins, homeless.

Morocco was one of several countries in West Africa affected by the 2016 drought, including Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Senegal, and Senegal, which also experienced flooding. The

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